Image Provocateur

Themes of cultural ritual, memory, race, and social justice permeate Giraud’s work which positions the photograph as a sacred and reproducible object.

Excavating Culture

The cultures of often unseen people remain central to the artist’s work. Birthed into the rich traditions of southwest Louisiana, Giraud’s collection explores micro-narratives reflective of his cultural context and artistic lens.

Ekphrastic Poetry

Ekphrasis, a rhetorical language arts device, calls on one form of art to articulate another form of creativity. Giraud mimics ekphrasis in his creative practice blurring the lines between photography, graphic arts, and sound.

A Rhythmic Culture

From the warmth of Louisiana's musical soundscape to the glaciers of Iceland, Giraud’s photography reveals the intersectionality between photographic image, sound, and memory.

The Inca Trail


Land of the Midnight Sun


The Crawfish Circuit


The Dance of The Gods


Descubra Argentina


Land & Sea


Everyday People: Images of Senegal





Physical Works

Methods & Medium

Inspired and informed by his southwest Louisiana roots, Giraud utilizes industrial materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze to create permanence within the story of the image, while establishing reverence for the physical nature of the photograph through its visual and tactile dynamics.


Giraud utilizes photography, cinema, and mixed media--individually and collectively--as documentary to illuminate the complexity of the human condition.

Visual Storytelling

Like master photographer Sebastião Salgodo, Giraud embraced photography because of its inextricable link to storytelling. He discovered that the physical act of holding, pointing, and shooting with the camera apparatus functions as a means of controlling the narrative to yield a more sensorial account of the story.

Design Experience

Wielding photographer's privilege allows Giraud to reveal an intimate knowledge of his subjects. Defining photographic moments are rarely the result of operational efficacy, rather they are realized when the artist embraces his obligation to leave a place or a space changed.

"One half of the world does not know how the other half lives."

Jacob A. Riis

Meet The Artist

As an artist and creative scholar, Giraud Polite has more than 15 years of visual communications experience and has spent equal time visually documenting and researching a variety of ethnic groups on six continents. He is a member of the Society of Photographic Educators and the International Association of Fine Arts Deans, where he attends conferences and participates in panel discussions about current photographic and design shifts and trends. Giraud also serves as member, mentor, and adviser to organizations such as Making Connections, Inc. and The Race Reconciliation Collective. As a Louisiana/Texas artist, Giraud has exhibited works ranging from digital photography to multimedia arts in a variety of museums, cultural centers, and educational institutions.

Get in Touch

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