As an Artist/Creative Phd Giraud Polite has more than 15+ years of visual communications experience and has spent the past ten years visually documenting and researching a variety of ethnic groups on five different continents.

Giraud is currently a member of the Society of Photographic Educators and the Urban Creative Network where he attends conferences and participates in panel discussions about current photographic and design shifts and trends. Giraud also serves as member, mentor, and adviser to organizations such as Making Connections, Inc. and the Brookhaven College Film Club. As a Louisiana/Texas artist, Giraud has exhibited works extending from digital photography to multimedia arts in a variety of museums, cultural centers, and educational institutions.

Working in the areas of multimedia arts and digital photography, Giraud’s projects explore themes such as cultural ritual and memory. Photographically his current work explores the photograph as a sacred and reproducible object. Presented as relic or artifact and departing from the conventional photograph on paper, he chooses to use industrial materials, such as aluminum, wood, and Plexiglas in an attempt to create permanence within the story of the image, in a sense to fix the image by adding weight and mass, to affirm the existence of the photograph as a sculptural object.


Giraud excels in the areas of documentary photography, motion graphics, video production and metal sculpting.

Documentary Photography 100%
Motion Graphics 100%
Video Production 100%
Metal Sculpting 100%

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“What you seek is seeking you.”
–– Rumi